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From worldly wines to divine desserts: Vienna is the only metropolis that presses its own wine. It also boasts the only major culinary tradition to be named after a city - Viennese cuisine.

African Dreams Restaurant | Amon | Café Atelier | Café Weimar | Das Mörwald | Fabios | Hansen | Huth | Indochine 21 | Maestro | Restaurant Ragusa | Ruben's Brasserie | Silberwirt | Tenmaya-Japnese Restaurant | Zum Finsteren Stern | Zum Schwarzen Kameel | Zu den 3 Hacken

  • African Dreams Restaurant
    Our restaurant offers you traditional African dishes. If you are in hurry it is possible to take your meal away.

    Address: 28 Koppstrße, Wien
    Phone: 924 99 46
    Open: daily from 9.00a.m till midnight

  • Amon
    You can enjoy local and international cuisine in a stylish environment. Let me list some of our delicious dishes: tartar sauce with wild salmon from canada, noodles with chestnut, the New Year's Eve meal consists of six dishes and there always surprises too.

    Address: 3., Schlachthausgasse 13, Wien
    Phone: 798 81 66
    Open: Wednesday-Saturday: 10a.m-11.30pm, Sunday: 9a.m-10p.m

  • Café Atelier
    The youthful and elegant café operates in the cellar of Albertia one of the biggest art work galleries in the world. Hans Hollein the famous architect could attain his up-to date conceptions. The brick, the artificially oxidised steel, the glass, the leather, the oily hard-wood floor and the breath-taking lighting create an extra inspirative environment. It is the best place to pop in after a walk int he city.

    Address: 1., Augustinerstraße 1 / Albertinaplatz, Wien
    Phone: 533 10 26
    Open: Sunday-Thursday 8a.m-2a.m, Friday and Saturday 8a.m-4a.m

  • Café Weimar
    The café has been operating since 1900 and is the favourite meeting point of the artists of the nearby Folkopera. You can listen to piano music int he historical environment every day.

    Address: 9., Währinger Straße 68, Wien
    Phone: 317 12 06
    Open: Moday-Thursday 8a.m-midnight; Friday and Saturday 8a.m-2a.m; Sunday and high days: 10a.m-midnight

  • Das Mörwald
    The award-winning restaurant at the heart of the city. The Mörwald serves set meals from € 35 and probably has one of Austria's largest selections of wines, with 1,500 varieties. Whether you want a gala dinner or a chill-out till the early hours of the morning: the Mörwald team awaits you - and your reservation...

    Address: 1., Kärntner Straße 22, Wien
    Phone: 961 61-161
    Open: 7-10a.m., 11a.m-3p.m, 6p.m-midnight every day

  • Fabios
    Mediterranean cuisine, gentle wines. Fabios has the most beautiful form among the restaurant sin Vienna. It is an architectural artwork.

    Address: 1., Tuchlauben 6, Wien
    Phone: 532 22 22
    Open: Monday-Saturday 10a.m-1a.m (kitchen: 12a.m-11.30p.m), Sunday 6p.m-1p.m (Only the bar)

  • Hansen
    Hansen is known also as a breakfast place and nobody could think that it is situated at the basement of the stock exchange. You can find Viennas most beautyful horticultural shop in its neghbourhood.

    Address: 1., Wipplingerstraße 34, Wien
    Phone: 532 05 4
    Open: Monday-Friday: 9a.m-9p.m (kitchen: till 8p.m), Saturday 9a.m-5p.m (kitchen: till 3p.m)

  • Huth
    "Everything is as delicious as it in a fine restaurant goes in a modern urban environment The enjoyment of the dishes go to hand in hand with the enjoyment of the place itself." (Lust&Leben Autumn 2002)

    Address: 1., Schellinggasse 5, Wien
    Phone: 513 56 44
    Open: 12a.m-2 p.m every day ( kitchen: 12a.m-3p.m, 6p.m-midnight)

  • Indochine 21
    In Indochine 21 you can take part in a culinary voyage to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia (=Indochina). The special eating culture and lifestyle is geared to the 21th century. Gourmets must not leave it out.

    Address: 1., Stubenring 18, Wien
    Phone: 513 76 60
    Open: 12a.m-2 p.m every day ( kitchen: 12a.m-3p.m, 6p.m-midnight)

  • Maestro
    The environment of Viennas Konzerthaus is harmonic and the cuisine is excellent. The exceptionally gifted Joachim gradwohl is the chef.

    Address: 3., Am Heumarkt 6, Wien
    Phone: 714 89 11
    Open: Monday-Saturday: 5:30p.m-midnight

  • Restaurant Ragusa
    A real oasis for those who are fond of sea food. You can choose from a wide scale of sea food dishes and we offer you the best wines from Austria, Italy and Croatia.

    Address: 15 Breggasse, Wien
    Phone: 317 15 27
    Open: Monday-Saturday from 11a.m to 3p.m and from 6p.m till midnight

  • Ruben's Brasserie
    The mostexciting museum restaurant of Vienna. At the square in front of the Lichtenstein, which was built in baroque style the garden is in contrast with the modern interior design. The environment creates a worthy frame to enjoy the hip season-dishes.

    Address: 9., Fürsteng. 1, Wien
    Phone: 319 23 96
    Open: Wednesday-Sunday:11a.m-midnight

  • Silberwirt
    Silberwirt is suitable for the mayor of Vienna and for the worker as well. Many people visit Silberwirt for its crispy fried chicken, for various roast meat and for Italian pasta dishes already at early spring

    Address: 5., Schlossgasse 21, Wien
    Phone: 544 49 07
    Open: 12a.m-midnight every day, kitchen: 12a.m-10.30p.m

  • Tenmaya-Japnese Restaurant
    The restaurant is situated near the State Operahouse next in front of the Stephansdom. If you would like to come to know the oriental cuisine you must not leave it out.

    Address: 3 Krugerstrße, Wien
    Phone: 512 73 79
    Open: daily from 11.30a.m to 2.30p.m and from 5p.m to 11p.m

  • Zum Finsteren Stern
    It is near the Juden Square. Exquisite design, minimal menu, premier cuisine, primary service. The wine list varies daily according to the menu.

    Address: 1., Schulhof 8 / Parisergasse, Wien
    Phone: 535 21 00
    Open: Monday-Saturday 5p.m-1a.m

  • Zum Schwarzen Kameel
    Restaurant Zum Schwarzen Kameel waits for you with much love int he centre of Vienna. We offer you the best international dishes int he area.

    Address: 5 Bognergasse, Wien
    Phone: 533 81 25
    Open: Monday-Saturday from 12a.m to 2.30p.m and from 6p.m to 11 p.m

  • Zu den 3 Hacken
    A typical restaurant beloved by Viennese with a cuisine of the first water. You can choose from various dishes such as rump-steak or even chitterlings. We offer you the finest Austrian and Italian wines.

    Address: 1., Singerstraße 28, Wien
    Phone: 512 58 95, 512 15 19
    Open: Monday-Saturday 11a.m-11p.m

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