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Programs - Vienna Citywalks

Take a tour with us in Vienna. Discover every part of the imperial city.

Ghosts, Hauntings and Vampires - Spooky Vienna

In three chapters we talk about "common" ghosts and ecclesiastical supernatural phenomena, "imperial" ghosts and Viennese vampires and try to approach the truth behind legends in an amusing but nevertheless scientifically documented manner. During you will learn this Vienna ghostwalk why the first vampire was a Habsburg, what makes the difference between a black and a white ghost, which are the reasons for spooky voices on cemeteries...

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Josefine Mutzenbacher - a historic review on the morals of Vienna

On a humorous walk you will be shown the streets and places in the old city where Josefine and her 'Co-sisters' found their customers giving you an insight into the morals of the respective period. Piquant and amusing stories about prostituion in Roman, medieval and modern times and a description of the situation nowadays will help the participants of the tour to become real 'sex-experts' of Vienna.

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On Tortuous Paths through the Old City

The most beautiful spots of the old parts of the city. Stories and legends which enable an amusing insight. Vienna at its best: the multicultural tradition of the city. You will be informed about the roots and the mentality of the Viennese in a humorous way. Old Vienna is revived - a city populated by musicians, students, Jews and monks, victorious against the sieges of theTurks and surviving the menaces of the plague. When the tour finishes you would like to resume it...

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Eros and the Habsburgs - Forgotten Court Scandals

The Habsburg dynasty - on the one hand were in the focus of admiration and most noteworthy attention, on the other hand hadn not possessed a substantial mission fenced into a golden cage with hardly any personal liberties. Still even the Habsburgs were men and women with quite ordinary demands and desires.

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Murder, Witchcraft, Hangmen - Justitia Viennensis

History of Criminal Justice. A Walk through the Old City with pictures. Reminiscences of the last Imperial hangman will conclude two hours of crime, horror and justice. In 1421 the jews of Vienna fell prey to arbitrary justice. A strange relief tells the story of this appaling event of Judenplatz.

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The secrets of the Imperial Palace

If you choose this tour you can visit the Hofburg which includes more than 2.600 rooms. In the course of history the residential area was continuously enlarged, each ruler left his or her traces. To understand the complex layout of a comparison with old pictures is essential. By means of rich documentation the past will revive in your sight. Neither stories about the residents will miss. During the tour groups will have the opportunity - on request - to visit the imperial residence with the Sissi Exhibition and the National Library.

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From Imperial Empire to the Third Empire

The venue of the world history. This tour allows you to compare your knowledge from the history lessons with the todays history of Vienna. We are going to repeat the winners and beatens of the Viennese history. Annotations and stories from that times will help us.

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Classic walk through the Old Town

It also ideal for groups. We are going to come along the Hofburg, the cemetery and then the St.Stephen's Cathedral. Underway we are going to explore the wonderful houses, quadrangles and the home of Mozart.

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In the wake of past times

From the Roman times till today. The history of the city Vienna. An exciting trailing through the oldest parts of the city among the traces of the Roman and Medieval times. Moreover there is a visit ot the oldest frescos of Vienna too.

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Jewish families and their past in Vienna

In search of an explanation let us follow the tracks of famous people like Rothschild, Pereira, Arnstein... pass the world's oldest and Vienna's newest Jewish museum, hear about Kraus and Hofmannsthal, walk through medieval areas with the surviving synagogue..

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