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Programs - Museum visits

Join to us and let's bring you back to the art of the passed centuries. Visit together gorgeous palaces, museums and other sights!

Overview tour of the Museum of Fine Arts

The building of the Museum of Fine Arts (Kunsthistorisches Museum) in Vienna is one of the most important museum buildings in Europe. The monumental building was designed not only to house the magnificent art treasures assembled by the Habsburgs over the centuries but also as a suitably impressive setting for them. Today, the objects on display in the museum are divided in eight different collections, ranging from Ancient Egyptian and Greek and Roman Antiquities to the Collections of Medieval Art to the splendid Renaissance and Baroque Collections. During our overview tour we shall see the highlights of the picture gallery.

Highlights of the imperial palace "Hofburg": Imperial apartments and Silver collection

Formerly the winter residence of the Habsburg dynasty, the Hofburg is still today hosting the office rooms of the austrian president. We cannot disturb our president in his rooms, but what we can look at is anyway much more interesting. During a visit to the state and residential apartments of Emperor Frances Joseph and Empress Elisabeth we will talk about the every day life of the imperial couple. Of course, we will also visit the recently opened Sisi Museum that seeks to give the visitor an understanding of the myths and reality surrounding the figure of Empress Elisabeth. Our last station is the Imperial Silver Collection - a fascinating museum containing the porcelain, glass and silverware once used at the imperial banquet table.

Overview tour of Saint Stephen's Cathedral

St. Stephen's Cathedral (Stepansdom) on the central Stephansplatz is Vienna's main place of worship, its 136,7 meter high south tower is the city's main landmark. Since there are few actual skyscrapers in Vienna, the cathedral still dominates Vienna's skyline as it has since it was begun in the 12th century. Saint Stephen's has many features that make it quite distinctive. This visit can be completed climbing the 343 steps up the south tower and enjoying a marvelous view over the city and the tiled roof or taking a lift up the north tower and seeing the great "Pummerin", Austria's largest bell!

The Belvedere: residence of prince Eugene of Savoy

Belvedere Palace consists of two complexes: Lower Belvedere (1716) and Upper Belvedere (1722). Since 1903 the entire building has been used for museum purposes. In the Upper Belvedere you can see famous works by Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Oskar Kokoschka, Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet or Vincent van Gogh and appreciate a splendid view of Vienna's inner city. Medieval and baroque works of art are presented in the Lower Palace, where most rooms have been preserved in their original state. During our visit of the Belvedere complex, we will not only look at some of the highlights of these splendid collections of art, but we will also get to talk about some of the most important periods of Austrian history.

Schönbrunn Palace overview

Owing to its historical importance, its beautiful location, its magnificent architecture and the splendid layout of its gardens, this palace is among the very top sights in Vienna. We invite you to travel with us to far away times: In the state apartments of Schönbrunn palace we follow the traces of empress Maria Teresa and her husband, look at the rooms of emperor Frances Joseph and his wife Sissi. Finally we take a quick walk through the palace gardens, a marvelous example of baroque art of gardening, which offers infinitely different panoramas and views. This visit is an absolute must for everyone visiting the city of Vienna!

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