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The total area of Austria is 83,858 sq km. The poulation of the country is 8 million people. 1,5 million people live in the capital, in Vienna 98% of whom speak german. 90% of the population fall under this majority. The members of the six folk groups in Austria (Croat in Burgenland, Gypsies, Slovaks, Slovenian, Bohemian and Hungarian) live in the southern and eastern part of the country.

The official language of the country is German but many people speak English and/or French. 78% of Austrians are Roman Catholicists, 5% protestants and 4, 5% of them belong to other denominations. Austria is a federal state, a federal republic with the foundation of the democratic parliment. The federal president is Dr.Heinz Fischer and the president is Thomas Klestil.

Austria is the member of the European Union and the United Nations. The most important branches of industy are mining, metallurgy, building- and building material industry, food industry, textiles, paper industry, beer production and car industry. The main business partners of the country are Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, Slovenia and England. The economic growth of the past few years exceeded 2, 9%. The prime income resource of Austria is the service industry. | Contact us


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