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Public transport in Vienna

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Vienna has a developed network of public transport. It includes 85 bus- 32 tram- and 5 underground lines. The underground lines are numbered (U1-U6, but there is no U5) and also marked with different colours. U1 is red, U2 is violet, U3 is orange, U4 is green and U6 is brown.The 5 underground lines have 90 stops altogether and 9 of them have transfer possibility. You can use the underground from 5:00 a.m. till 0:30 a.m. During the day the undergrounds run every 2-5 minute and after 8:00 p.m. every 7-8 minute. By underground you can reach your destination very quickly during the whole day.

If you would like to see the city while travelling or your destination can not be reached by underground you can travel by bus, tram or the local train. In Vienna you can find a very well developed tram network. The tram lines are divided into three groups: trams (Nr. 1-20) running around the city centre, trams (Nr. 21-82) running from and to the city centre and trams (A-Z) running between the previously mentioned two groups. The Viennese trams are red.

In Vienna there are furthermore 59 bus lines running during the day and 28 lines operating at night. Approx. 500 buses run on an approx. 360 km long track. Buses are distinguished from the trams by numbers and an A letter. Trolley-buses do not operate int he Austrian capital. You can see them only in museums. You can also choose the local train for your journey. It runs on 9 lines in Vienna and in its surroundings.

So if somebody would like to travel in Vienna without a car has great possibilities due to the developed public transport. There are also people would not like to use these means of transport. They can order a taxi. | Contact us

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