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Hostels offer very simple, budget rate accommodation especially for those tourists and backpackers who would like to spend the less money on their accommodation. Compared with the hotels and pensions the rates are much more reasonable. Usually you can rent a bed in bigger, single-sex or mixed rooms. A shower, toilet, kitchen and the lounge is shared. Naturally there are some hostels, which offer also private rooms with en-suite facilities.

As in a hostel you are accommodated in more-bedded rooms you have to keep an eye on your valuables. Most of the hostels offer lockers or some kind of safety system. We do not offer this type of accommodation for those who require more privacy. Another problem can be the noise as some of the guests leave early whilst others arrive very late.

In the past few years the number of hostels and also their quality has increased. Most of the hostels try to adapt to the changing demands of the tourists. | Contact us

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