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The Viennese Beisl

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What is a Beisl?
Vienna is famous for its culinary culture and the local Beisls are a must-visit in this field. The word Beisl (or Beisel) is probably Jewish and it originates from the word Bajiss, which means house. Beisls, which evolved in the 18th century are inns offering local specialities. The style of a Beisl is like trattoria in Italy or Kneipe in Germany.

The characteristics of a Beisl are the followings: measuring beverages, panelled walls, hooks for clothes on the wall, mobile partition walls, wooden tables, checked tablecloth, choice of food and beverages displayed on blackboard, spice rack on the table and marking the frequenters' tables. You can choose among Viennese specialities such as Tafelspitz (braised beef garnished with chips, chives sauce, spinach, horseradish and apple puree), Vanillierostbraten (roasted meat with garlic) and Schnitzel (fried meat). Besides the meat dishes, soups are also very popular. The choice of beverages consists mainly of ales and porters and in most of the Beisls one can also buy the so-called mixed beer (ale mixed with porter). As a dessert, we recommend the famous home-made apple strudel (Apfelstrudel).

A stratum of Beisls developed in the past few years, which matches the quality restaurants. These inns offer their services at a higher quality. That means that they take aim at affluent Viennese citizens and tourists. Visiting such kind of an inn can equal a gastronomic trip.

Recommended Beisl in Vienna
Here are a couple of Beisl you can visit when you are in Vienna to get a real taste of the traditional Viennese cuisine: Zur eisernen Zeit (Naschmarkt 316, A-1040 Vienna), Ubl (Pressgasse 26, A-1040 Vienna), Reinthaler (Gluckgasse 5, A-1010 Vienna), Ofenloch (Kurrentgasse 8, A-1010 Vienna) and Gustl Bauer (Drahtgasse 2, A-1010 Vienna). The most recommended place is Zu den 3 Hacken (Singerstrasse 28, A-1010 Vienna), located between the Stadtpark and the St. Stephan's Cathedral.

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