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Basic facts

Basic facts
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Official name:Republic of Austria
Form of state:Federal republic state
Location:Central Europe
Area:83. 858 sq km
Population:8 000 000
Time zone:Central European Time (GMT+1 hour)
Official language:German
Administrative division:9 federal states
Currency:Euro (EUR)
International phone code:+43 for Austria, +43 1 for Vienna

Austrian Highway Sticker/Vignette
You need to purchase a valid vignette (sticker) for your car if you wish to drive on the Austrian motorways. These can be purchased at gas stations and tobacco shops. It needs to be clearly visible through your windshield (we recommend you to stick it at the lower left part of the windwhield, on the inside). There are three vignettes: the first is valid for 10 days and costs 7,9 EURO, the second is valid for 2 months and costs 22,9 EURO, while the third one is valid for 12 months and costs 76,2 EURO.

Speed Limits in Austria
When driving in Austria, pay attention to the speed limits. 130 km/hour on highways, 100 km/hour on A-roads and 50 km/hour in the cities and villages, townships. Austrian police take speeding seriously, there are numerous camera-posts and policecars with camera on the roads, and fines can be very high if you exceed the limit. | Contact us


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