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From worldly wines to divine desserts: Vienna is the only metropolis that presses its own wine. It also boasts the only major culinary tradition to be named after a city - Viennese cuisine.

Viennese cuisine

The ingredients used for Viennese cuisine are amazingly simple. Take the finest culinary traditions from Bohemia, Austria, Hungary and the Balkans, and blend them to form exceptional titbits and delicacies. (taken from the 'Wiener Wirt'n' campaign)

The recipe is quite unique, and will delight all those who appreciate wining and dining in Vienna to the full ...

International cuisine

The world has become a smaller, but more colourful place. And people everywhere have become more curious to try out colourful new cuisines.
(selected by Florian Holzer)

Though schnitzel, tafelspitz and kaiserschmarren are never likely to lose their popularity in Vienna, their lead has been significantly narrowed by aromas and scents from the rest of the world. Today there is hardly a country whose cuisine is not represented. The Mediterranean is really en vogue, and there are many different regional cuisines from Italy and China. The selection is expanding and deepening all the time - yet another indicator of Vienna's standing as an international metropolis where eating out is truly a pleasure.

Luxury restaurants

Vienna has a steadily growing number of high-quality luxury restaurants. Their standard is international - but there is an essential difference. Vienna's gourmet temples are significantly cheaper by comparison with Paris, London and Brussels. (selected by Herbert Hacker)
The type of cuisine they offer has also changed. Austria's leading chefs made haute cuisine their own a long time ago, as if quail and goose liver had always been an intrinsic part of Viennese cooking. Add a pinch of Asia and the Mediterranean to the traditional Viennese dishes, and you have a sure-fire recipe for culinary highlights.

A City for Connoisseurs
To Enjoy Vienna is to Enjoy Life

Experience Vienna, the unique city of arts, culture, music, universities, enjoyment and shopping and one of the leading congress cities in the world. The city at the heart of Europe in which nostalgia for the old imperial days and the latest trends happily coexist. Tradition and modernity next to each other: here a horse-drawn coach (Fiaker), there the skateborders, here the coffeehouse and the Heurigen with their centuries-old tradition, there the trendy Vienna scene with restaurants and bars, fashion, music and events.

From the Flea Market to The Magic of Advent, from the Naschmarkt to gourmet restaurants, and from royal-imperial purveyors to the court to international flagship stores - Vienna is simply a paradise for connoisseurs


The Viennese coffeehouse goes back a long, long way. And yet despite its age - or perhaps because of it - the coffeehouse is more alive and diverse than ever before. (selected by Viennese café owners) Apart from its traditional plush coffeehouses and the tiny espresso bars, Vienna also has spacious café-restaurants, café-confectioners, and combinations of coffeehouse and Scene bistro, bookshop, bar, music club, cabaret theatre, etc. More recently, an attempt has even been made to instil the fast-food culture into the café. Nevertheless, at the core of the coffeehouse is still an oasis in people's daily lives, a place to retreat to, meet others, enjoy yourself and take time out. The Viennese coffeehouse is old - and yet it displays youth and vitality.

Viennese wine taverns

Vienna is the only capital city in the world with an appreciable wine-growing industry. In the relaxed, informal atmosphere of countless "heuriger" wine taverns on the outskirts of the city, you can enjoy a snack washed down with a glass of Riesling, Veltliner, or typical locally blended wine.
(selected by Klaus Egle)

You can recognise a genuine Viennese heuriger by a sprig of pine hanging outside together with an 'Ausg'steckt' sign: it is only here that you will find genuine proprietary Viennese wines. Viennese wine growers do more than just make wine: in tending their vineyards, they also cultivate and maintain a unique feature of the countryside and an invaluable recreation area for the Viennese and visitors to the capital alike.

Society hot spots

The best thing you can say about a city's wining & dining scene is that it respects established tradition without being suffocated in dreary conventionality, swiftly adapting the innovativeness of contemporary gastroculture for its own purpose. (selected by Thomas Rottenberg) There are many chic, young places to wine & dine in Vienna. New places spring up nearly every week, with the same clientele, flair and ambience you can find virtually anywhere in the world. In Vienna - apart from the multicultural cosmopolitanism characteristic of hip places the world over - you also get a touch of historical authenticity that money simply cannot buy. 

Districts to savor

The Viennese appreciate the fact that they live in a metropolis, but they also cherish their immediate neighborhoods. They like to go shopping at the "Greissler" (grocery store) in their own street, pick up their newspapers at the "Trafik" (tobacconist) next door and have a friendly chat in the "Beisel" on the corner. These little neighborhoods, in Vienna, are called "Grätzl." Here are many restaurants and bars, especially newer ones ...
(by Dr. Stefan M. Gergely)


Vienna's most trendy shopping mile is the Mariahilfer Strasse between the center of the city and Westbahnhof. Here, hundreds of shops offer fashions, jewelry and accessories. In the center of the city, around Kärntner Strasse, Graben and Kohlmarkt, one finds many elegant jewelry stores and boutiques. On Saturday, the Flea Market turns into a mecca for collectors of curios and souvenirs. And one can taste some of the delicacies at the Naschmarkt next door ...

You are a discoverer and an adventurer - your terrae incognitae are the great metropolises of the world, where you can collect and enjoy to your heart's desire by day and by night - and you unearth your trophies in temples of the muses, restaurants and shops.

Wien Products
Vienna's Best Shops

Would you like to bring a piece of Vienna back home? With WIEN PRODUCTS, you've made the right choice! WIEN PRODUCTS are much more than run-of-the-mill souvenirs. They offer the highest quality and are a symbol of Viennese joie de vivre.

Viennese markets
selected by Isabella Klausnitzer

The city's wonderful markets offer a typically Viennese shopping experience. This is where Vienna lives up to its legendary reputation as a melting pot of nations: Viennese humour blends with eastern European charm, and oriental flair with Mediterranean temperament. There is hardly anything that you cannot get on the markets of Vienna, from commonplace fruit, vegetables and flowers to Persian caviar, from Japanese sushi to Indian tandoori chicken, from döner kebab to oysters and meat loaf. Vienna's markets are in season throughout the year, reflecting the charisma of the city at all times. And the Advent markets before Christmas are especially attractive. | Contact us


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